Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Would You Rather...


Assalamualaikum. Hey guys.

Last time I wrote a post regarding the LGBT issues and some of my friends commented on it. It’s good to know that people are taking this issue seriously. I heard that the minister took back his statement regarding the toilet issue.

As I said before, I quite understand that in certain situation, I might end up doing the same thing as the minister if I am to confront with the any of the transgender. I think it’s quite harsh how people are condemning someone for his statements. I did criticize the statements too, but I don’t think it’s fair to judge and condemn someone’s personality as if you’ve known him personally. That’s just a personal opinion of mine.

Anyway I’m not going to write further on that. In this entry I’m just going to relax a bit. I was exploring Interesting Facts YouTube channel to watch interesting facts around the world. You can say that I have so much free time in my hands.

Then somehow I ended up clicking on this Would You Rather challenge. I found it’s quite entertaining and I’ve been mumbling to myself while answering the questions. I just thought that I’ll share my answers here. I don’t remember if I ever did this before but I recommend you guys to have a try before further reading on my answers, and let’s compare our answers. Let me know if you do.

First of all, you need to watch this and answer the questions. It's fun. Have a try!

So, how’s the challenge? How’s your score? Well then, here are my answers to the questions.

Would you rather…

1. Teleporting vs Reading Minds

I couldn’t answer this question fast enough but I chose reading minds. I hesitate between both of them. At first I thought that reading people’s mind would be awesome. After the time was up I somehow regret my choice. I can travel to anywhere including Rome (randomly pops my mind) if I chose teleport. And I was like… why didn’t I choose teleport? Haha. As if I can obtain any of those powers though.

2.  Find True Love vs Find a Suitcase with 5 Million Dollar

This is definitely a tough question. At first I thought I will go with the money. Sorry guys but we do need money to survive in this world nowadays. But then I thought that in reality, if you found a suitcase full of money, you must hand it to the police or things like that. Then I quickly change my decision to true love. Oh well, reality hurts.

3. Be Transported to Future or the Past

I can’t answer this question. Both are scary and risky. What crossed my mind about the past are the wars  and stuffs like that. It’s great to travel back into history but reality matters. I am so in a risk if I happen to live in the war country.  I don’t really want to go to the future too. At that time I imagined too many modern technology and the thought of that scared me. Thus I ended giving up on this question.

4. Stop War vs Stop World Hunger

Stop the war. I didn’t even hesitate here. I guess stopping the war is more important?

5. Richest Person vs Immortal.

I chose richest person. Immortal is out of question since it’s not logic.

6. Marry a Celebrity vs Crush

Crush. I also answered without hesitation here. I guess it’s because marrying a celebrity is far from my logic. Also I don’t really have a celebrity crush. I was thinking of Bruno Mars for a bit and nope, I don’t want to marry him concerning of his religion and stuff. Wow, quite a realist am I.

7. Dream Job Low Pay vs Hated Job High Pay

Of course a dream job although it’s a low pay. Even though I prefer having a lot of money, I don’t really like doing stuffs that I hate. Having to do something you hate is really tiring.

8. Breath Underwater vs See Through The Walls

I chose breath underwater. I think that being able to see through the walls is a creepy thing.

9. Spend One Night in a Haunted House vs A Week Alone in The Woods

This is a crazy question. I would never choose to spend a week, alone, in the woods. I chose the haunted house without a hesitation. I used to have this conversation with my younger sister before, if I would rather spend time alone in the woods. I told her that I would never go to the woods for nothing.  Surviving in the woods is a thing, but surviving alone is more suffering.

10. Spiderman vs Hulk

Of course Spiderman. I don’t think any girls would choose to have big muscles like Hulk. Or maybe there are girls that like that kind of body. I don’t know, but I definitely against the idea.

11. Werewolf vs Vampire

I can’t answer this one. I thought quite a lot, but couldn’t come up with a decision. Being a werewolf means that I have to suffer two identities for my whole life. Being a human in the morning but a wolf at night. It’s quite tiring to live like that. Meanwhile, being a vampire means that I need to suck blood in order to live. And to find prey for living is quite a troublesome. That’s why I can’t choose between the two. Both are troublesome.

12. Wise vs Rich

Wise. Without a doubt. I have always wanted to be a genius. I think geniuses are the best. Like how are you so genius? If you are a genius, there’s no doubt that you can find money later right? It’s like killing two birds with a stone.

13. Never Eat Pizza vs Never Eat Ice-Cream

I chose never eat pizza. I can’t live without eating ice-cream.

14. Live Without Electricity vs Water

Live without electricity. Of course water is essential for living. People that think realistically must have chosen water too.

15. Poor but can Help People vs Rich but Hurt Others

I chose being poor if it means that I can help people rather than being rich but all you do is just stepping on others. Who can live comfortably like that?

16. Never Be Sad Again vs Never Be Angry Again

I can’t answer this question. Both emotions are essential to me. If I cannot be sad, that will make me a totally heartless person. Never able to be angry again is also quite scary. I cannot eliminate either any of them because both feelings are important to me.

17. PS4 vs Xbox One

I can’t answer this question. Or rather, I skip this one. I don’t even know the difference between the two one them because I’m not a gamer.

18. Eat The Burger vs Feed It to Those in Need

I chose the later. I don’t even like the burger in the picture. It has cheese, salad and tomatoes. I can’t eat that burger.

19. Swim Quickly vs Run Quickly

I chose swim quickly. I’m not an athlete so I don’t need the ability to run fast. I’ll go with a fast swim.

20. Drop A Kitten vs IPhone X

Is that even a question? Of course I’d rather drop an IPhone X instead of dropping a kitten. Who in their right minds would prefer dropping a kitten rather than their phones?

Well, that’s the wrap up to the challenge. I think I have around four questions that I couldn’t answer. Somehow this challenge made me realize that I’m quite a realist person. Although I already realized that a long time ago. I think some people use their imagination to answer these questions and some people use logics. It’s not wrong though. People are different and everyone has their own style of thinking. It’s good to know what other people think too, am I right? That’s the reason I’m sharing this.

Anyway, thank you if you spend your time reading to the end. I hope you are having a splendid day!

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