Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Pesta Pantun Antara Desasiswa USM (PADU) 2018


Alhamdulillah, it was a great experience competing in Pesta Pantun Antara Desasiswa USM (PADU) which was held at USM Kubang Kerian, Kelantan recently. I gain a lot of new experiences while being a contestant. So, how did I end up joining pantun? I couldn’t even believe myself for taking a part in the competition. 

I don't know what I'm doing

As most of you probably know, I don’t like to do anything that makes me stand out. And this is on a whole another level that makes me stand out, especially when you see the costumes I wore on that day. Our costumes are incredibly insane. I was asked to join Padu couple times before but for sure I declined. I think I was too scared that I’m not that good enough. Plus, I was busy most of the time.

Later, a friend told me that they did not have enough contestants in Padu. After did my calculations, I decided to step in. I used to take Kesusasteraan Melayu Komunikatif (KMK) during my STPM days and I quite have this passion in poetry and stuffs. It might not be harm for me to try. I told her that I was just going to be the backup contestant. 

Team from Murni Nurani

The first day I entered the training, I dropped my level of confidence while observing how talented and fast the others when answering the pantun. I was thinking of a way to tell my friend that I would like to withdraw from the team. But I do not remember why I didn’t actually do that and somehow I turned up again the next day. The next few days, I think I was absorbed in the team and end up being a regular.

I’m not that confident in my talent. But being in the team, with the coaches, somehow inspired and challenged me to become better. I skipped training a couple times and late for training, and I felt guilty for that. But partly it was because of other engagements that I need to attend. 

Our time for training wasn’t a long one. I think I spent around two or maybe three weeks only for training. However, we did practice until early in the morning and there was this one day I went to room at dawn. Practice was challenging, but it was all worth it for me.

Team from BPCG

During the competition in USM Kampus Kesihatan (KESIT), I think all of us did our best. There was also a drama involving tears (not mine) and stuff. But I think we laughed a lot and enjoyed what we did. We didn’t make it to the semifinal but I think we already won. Plus one of us (my junior) received a title; Pemantun Terbaik in one of the round against Bakti Permai Cahaya Gemilang. He was totally delighted when they announced his name. The situation was hilarious in one way but I think he deserved it. Well actually I think all of my teammates deserve the title. They are amazing in their own ways.

During finals

The most interesting part in Padu is our opening. Every team needs to do its own introduction before a competition starts. We practiced a lot for our opening more than we practiced pantun itself. I was honestly hoping for the best opening award. I think our performances are the best. Unfortunately, it was not our luck. I was quite disappointed but never mine. I hope the team next year will get that award and hopefully win the competition.

Yeah we were princesses for two days, this time without makeup

Talking about our costumes, we got a lot of compliments on that. We actually had another set of clothes before but we decided to change it. I glad I made the perfect choice for the clothes, along with my teammates. The white cloth was the guys’ idea. It made a perfect combination with the set and matched with our theme, fairyland (kayangan). 


Our makeup was sponsored by Arisya and thanks to the girls for the fierce look touch up they gave us. My shoes were sponsored by Adibah Yasin. It was once in a lifetime for me to wear clothes like that. If you wear them on normal days, people will probably think you’re out of your mind.

However at night, we changed our identity from princesses to normal people, wearing just t-shirts and no makeups. Since we missed our chance for sightseeing in Kelantan the first night, we escaped by Grab to Wakaf Cek Yeh, three of us. We left our horses ride in fairyland and it was quite difficult to get them on Earth. I found that these items at wakaf were on a different level from our items in fairyland. But the prices are cheaper here on Earth. Okay, I should stop writing nonsense. 

Wakaf Cek Yeh

Princess turns into an Earthling

Anyway, short and simple, I had a great time with Padu. Thanks to my teammates, our manager, coaches, family, friends and Padu committee for the great support.  Sorry for losing, but we tried our best. Only Allah can repay what you guys did to us. Please continue to contribute to the next generation even if it is not us. Allah bless.

See you again