Monday, 21 August 2017

Unboxing My New Headphone!



As I mentioned in my post before, I have received this new headphone from M&M’s. I bought three travel packs; milk chocolate, almond and peanut. I never tasted the peanut before so I thought on trying some. The almond M&M’s are pretty good. I finished the milk chocolate in just a couple of days, of course. I also tried to mix my M&M’s with the ice-cream but it was quite difficult with those combinations. I am not really obsessed with chocolates and sweets but I find it hard to resist the temptation of M&M’s. Well I guess I’m making a free review for the brand.

I love my art in this picture

As I went to pay for my chocolates, the cashier took out two different colours of headphones. It’s either yellow or red. Don’t you have that time when you find it difficult to decide things? At that moment, I know I have to make an immediate decision. It’s my life or death decision. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. I always love to pick unique colours. 

I know I should go with yellow because I don’t have much items with yellow on it. But for some particular weird reason, I picked red. I think I might have an obsession with red. I always have the tendency to choose red whenever I had the chance. With that saying, I finally unboxed my new red M&M’s headphone. If some of you are wondering where you might buy this headphone, you can’t. They are not for sale. You can only get it at the stores as a free gift.

I love the cartoon's expression

For your information, this is my third current headphone that I have. I used to have more but they were either broke or damaged. I used to post an entry of my black Sades headphone that my sister gave me. It was a gaming headphone and I love the sound the most, though I’m not using it for playing games. Still, I’m using it most of the time. 


The second one is my Beats by Dr.Dre with a white colour. It is a wireless headphone and I usually use it while travelling. 

The M&M's is my third which I’m still trying to get use to it. The sound is good but if I need to choose between those three, I would say that I prefer the sound of my Sades the most. Well you can’t actually compare between those three because they are different types of headphones.

I used to have this mini hanging headphone which I bought from Daiso store. That thing was quite convenient to use too because you only need to hang them around your ears and not worrying that they will fall off. 

I posted about it too in one of my previous entries. But I gave it away to my uncle since he was complaining that he doesn’t have any earphone at all. My sister was also begging me to have this M&M’s headphone. Why does everyone wants my items? Haha.

Speaking of headphones, what headphones or earphones are you using? Care to share in the comment below. And if you haven’t seen yet my latest vacation vlog, you can always click HERE to visit my channel. Thanks for reading and I hope you are having a nice day.


  1. so niceeeeee 😍 could you buy me one headphone as a gift. hahahaha.

    1. haha I don't know how to respond to this XD

  2. cantikkkkk. bestnya. hehehe. i didnt have headphone. earphone pon hlang ni. tataw letak mana. haahaha