Wednesday, 23 August 2017

I Can’t Believe I Scored in Psychology



I know it’s actually too late for me to talk about the semester results but whatever. I just feel like sharing my thoughts here. First of all, I might have mentioned this before but this blog is in both languages; Malay and English. Mostly I would write in Malay, but English is also an important language so I’ll just balance both of them. I’m sorry if some of you prefer me writing in Malay instead of English. Well, we should always improve ourselves everyday and not just standing at the same position, right?

I do not really want to share about how tough my course is for me, again. Maybe some of you are new to my blog. I’m a Management student and currently waiting for my third semester. My second semester result was released about a month ago. Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah, there was a slight increase in my result. I’m just an average student and never get any solid As since the first semester. Normally it would be A- and below. I’m just not really good with my studies. However, for some weird reasons, I actually put some efforts into one subject. Introduction to Managerial Psychology.

My friends already knew that I’m bad in memorizing things. I’m bad in memorizing the roads. I’m bad in recognizing people, unless they used to speak with me or they have some unique outstanding features. I’m also bad in memorizing scripts. I hate memorizing scripts that makes me always change everything into spontaneous speech or presentations. Point is, I’m bad when it comes to memorizing. Or I would just say that I’m lazy to put efforts into memorizing. However as I mentioned before, it’s not the same as Psychology subject.

For once in my life, I actually told myself to give my everything into Psychology. I started making short notes and cover all of the chapters. I made acronyms for all the important subtopics. Acronym is the easier way to memorize things. You pick important letters and memorize them or any other ways you prefer. I also came up with short ridiculous stories to make the process better. I also made some Q&A sessions with my friends. It’s either I’m asking them or they ask me. When I think of it, I actually studied harder than I used to. If I’m not mistaken, Psychology was the last paper. During the examination day, I remembered clearly everything that I memorized and alhamdulillah I think I made quite a good job on answering.

And yeah, I wasn’t really expecting it but I actually got my first solid A! This subject might be easy for others to score but subjects that need memorization are never easy to me. The rest of the subjects were not a complete failure but they were not as good as getting an A. The first thing that came into my mind after I saw that A was a compliment to myself.  “I actually can do it if I try hard enough.” “I actually can memorize things if I’m willing to.” “I actually can get an A.” Those thoughts kept lingering in my mind instead of reminiscing how bad my other results were.

Anime Hyouka

Now I know that I should try harder. I hope I will have the same strong will for the upcoming semester. If not, I’m screwed. There are three killer subjects. When I said killer, it really can kills.

Speaking of the next semester, I only have around two weeks before it starts. I’ve been filling my holidays by working at the gymnasium. RAS Fitness Centre is a mini gym for ladies only. That makes it more convenient for the ladies to workout. I’m pretty sure most of us are not comfortable sharing a gym with the guys. For me, even sharing a room with guys for meetings has already made me uncomfortable. Many of my friends WhatsApp me asking about the gym but they never come. Haha. Where are you guys?  Please support your friend here.

I also spent my holidays watching K-Dramas which I copied from my younger sister. I’m not really into K-Dramas but I also have no problem against it. In fact, I think Korean dramas are rich with ideas. I watched Nice Guy, Weightlifting Fairy and the latest one Goblin.

I know I’m quite outdated. There are rumors suggesting to adapt Goblin into Malay drama. I think it probably can be considered as a good drama but it’s not really suitable with our culture and religion. First of all, Goblin itself is a creature that never exists. The grim reaper is a creature that shouldn’t ever exist in a Malay drama. The process of reincarnation is definitely not in our belief. You might be able to recreate Train to Busan but not Goblin. Just don’t.

Other than K-Dramas, I also watched some Malay films and one of my favorites is Desolasi. Yeah, call me outdated. I love the film. Some people might consider it as a boring film. I might also be one of them if I didn’t learn Sastera. I love the CGI effects, the story line, the message and the idea itself. But not quite the actors. I think Malaysia should produce more films like this.

Anyway, I just realized that I’m a bit out of topic. I was just going to share my thoughts on my examination results but somehow K-Dramas were also included. I think I should get ready for tomorrow. I’m going to attend a program in Serdang. Hope everything goes well.

I’m ending this here. Readers, thank you for reading my thoughts and I hope you’re having a great day. Till we meet again in the next entry.


  1. Alhamdulillah.. Tahniah~
    Psychology is really an interesting subject but as you says it's not easy to memorize things..
    All depends on ourselves if we wiling to do it, we can do it~