Friday, 26 May 2017

Life Update - 26 May



The results for Introduction to Managerial Psychology mid-term test is finally out. It is one of the toughest subjects for me since I’m totally not into Science. And it needs a lot of facts reading. I used to think Psychology as reading people’s thoughts but it’s actually way deeper than that. But I somehow managed to pass with B+. I can’t understand why people want to make Psychology as their minor in the next semester. Or am I the only one thinking Psychology as a tough subject? You need to learn the internal organs, brains and the rest. Anyway, the finals are just around the corner and I hope I could score better this time. Well, I’ll try.

I’m currently following this K-Drama called Man to Man recommended by a friend. It’s an action drama I think. I like stories when the main characters are heartless because it makes the story better. Eventually the heroes will learn about emotions and stuffs. People normally ask, which one is better? Being heartless or overflowing with emotions? It’s hard to have an answer to the question. I think being heartless somehow can help you in enduring pains better. But not having emotions somehow might bring emptiness to your heart. 

On the other hand, being a person with overflowing emotions is also a good thing because the heart is full with love and empathy. The worst part is when you have to endure the sadness or pain whether you are being betrayed or something bad happens in your life. I would say that both have the pros and cons. Anyway, back to the topic, I might not be able to follow the rest of the episodes because of the upcoming exams.

It will be quite a challenge because the exams will be held on the fasting month. I have Business Law exam for three hours straight in the evening. I don’t know how I can survive that one. I should really take enough sleep before the exam. Wait. There I go, talking about the exams again.

I actually want to take a chance here to congratulate my friends on their success. I can’t believe I’m surrounded by great people. Although they might not be reading this post, I just feel that I have to write this one. First of all, congratulations to Syarafana for being the Vice-Secretary in Management Society. For all of your information, I quit this society in my university because I couldn’t handle the pressure. It’s not because I’m busy with other society, the truth is I just don’t feel that I belong there. I’m sorry for those from MS that maybe reading this but you know, it’s important to do something that you feel click, right? I know how hard it will be in MS but I will always support my friends and the society. All the best for Syarafana and Management Society!

I also want to take this chance to Syafikah for being appointed as the Treasurer in MPDIK. That is seriously awesome though both of my friends are kind of elected by force. I know the struggle in MPD though I don’t really contribute much to my MPD. Be tough and we will support you along the journey, okay?

For me myself, I think I will be busy with a big project after the finals. I don’t want to share much about the project because it’s not a certain thing yet. But all I can say is that I agreed to be the Vice Project Director for an international program. This means that I might spend my holidays working on this big project. It was actually planned on July but for some reasons, the plan has to be postponed to the next semester. I really hope that the higher-ups will approve the project because we are really looking forward to this. Don’t let me down. Haha.

My work will become more convenient since I already bought a new battery for my laptop. I told you about my laptop problems before, right? I ordered a new battery and the cost is around RM200. I am also thinking of upgrading my laptop because so many softwares are not compatible with mine. I think most of you know how hard it is to deal with problematic laptops and gadgets. Let’s just hope that everything will go on well for the next semester projects and assignments.

Last but not least, I wish everyone a great Ramadan and let’s do our best this month. Thanks for spending your time reading this entry. May all the best be with you.

Abang bought me Kaneki Ken hahaha

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