Sunday, 13 November 2016

My Feelings



Sometimes you're in the bottom line of an organization, and you need to follow too many unreasonable instructions.

Sometimes you have too many tasks at the same time and do not even have time to chat with your friends. 

Sometimes you need to catch up from classes to meetings.

Sometimes you have discussions but not everyone will commit to it. 

Sometimes you thank people without even knowing why. 

Sometimes, they give you a crazy task to handle. 

Sometimes you sit alone and start to miss people. 

Sometimes you just feel exhausted.

Sometimes you just feel like shutting down yourself. 

Sometimes you're in a crazy mood and start to mess around with your friends.

Sometimes, you procrastinate even though you need to finish your proposals.

Most of the time, you keep complaining a lot.

But there's always something that motivates you to become stronger. To become better. To become what you are today. So do not ever give up in your life. Never lose sight of what you've decided.

Credits to: Bitmoji

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