Monday, 25 April 2016

A Birthday Picnic at Vision Park



Yesterday was my 20th birthday, and I still can’t believe I’m already at the age. I still remember my 19th birthday when my friends tried to prank me late at night and ‘kidnapped’ me from my house. We ended up having a dinner at KFC somehow. Click HERE for the story.

For this year, we made a plan to have a picnic at Vision Park, Bertam. It has been a long time since I have a picnic. Thanks to Aliah for the beautiful idea.

Our B.I.Y Buy It Yourself Picnic

Everyone was so excited for the picnic. Asmaa’s in charge of our main dish for that day, chicken chop. I’m not sure whether having chicken chop is actually suitable for a picnic, but who even cares as long as we get something to eat. Aliah brought a lot of snacks that we couldn’t possibly finish eating all of it. All the chocolates melted before they even reach our mouths.

Najat looks lonely there under the umbrella

We also even planned to wear black and white clothes on that day. And it turned out to be quite impressive. I personally love Shiken’s outfit.

Asmaa, Aslina and Shiken

This was actually my first time ever being at Vision Park. There are lot of attractions and visitors at the park. You can find a playground, the lake, swan-riding (we call them ‘itik’ though), food stalls, roller blades and some other attractions there. The four of us decided to ride on the swan. Aliah and Asmaa refused to join us and watched for our stuffs instead. Najat, Aslina, Shiken and I were full of energy yesterday. We paid RM20 for two swan boats. The duration for the ride was 30 minutes.

I paired up with Aslina and we somehow turned the ride into a fight. We collided with each other many times intentionally. It’s like riding a bumper car, only you’re actually floating on the lake. It was actually fun though. I laughed so hard watching Najat’s video as she actually recorded our fight on the lake.

Having fun riding this fella

After having our lunch and the swan-riding, the six of us spent the evening having our own photo shoot session. I mean, the view was so nice and you’ll regret not having any photos there. I ended up having around 240 pictures on my camera. I kind of force them to have a photo shoot because I wanted some beautiful yet stylish pictures. But of course, I never satisfied with my photos.

I have hard time putting them into these position 

At night, my family brought me to a nearby restaurant to celebrate my birthday. It was a western restaurant but I definitely didn’t want to order chicken chop again. I ended up having rice for dinner. Ayah ordered this dish which is kind of tempting though.

Thank you all for your lovely messages, wishing me a Happy Birthday! I had a wonderful day. I think birthday isn't really for people to appreciate you but for you to appreciate others. :)

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  1. wah syoknye piknik...mknn pun nmpk sedap../
    pernah jogging kt bertam vision park ni, tapi belum pernah naik duck boat tu =)