Friday, 29 January 2016

Slowly Turning Into a Realistic


I have somehow basically ended my teen years. There were so many things I regret doing in the past. I’ve done so many silly and embarrassing things I don’t even want to remember it now. I made stupid decisions before. I made mistakes. But yeah can you tell me who doesn’t make mistakes?  

Nowadays I just started to think even deeper on everything. And it makes me even confuse now. I think I might slowly turn into a realistic person at some certain point. I take things based on logic and sense. Being a realistic is somehow great for the emotion, but somehow has its own disadvantages.

I need to make decisions for my degree options. What course should I take and some sort like that. For me, this is an important choice I need to decide to ensure my future career and life. I don’t want to make wrong choices in life but nobody can tell you whether the decision you make is right or wrong. Making decisions are tough. You need to think things thoroughly before stepping on the last stage.

I have so many ambitions ever since I was a child. Too many I can’t even list them here. I’m a person who likes to try things out but only in short terms education. I get bored with stuffs easily. And that makes everything difficult here. Well of course I never get bored when it comes to family and friends. I love them. It’s just different with what I love to do in life. There are so many things in this life I’ve always wanted to try. At certain point I’m also interested to do weird stuffs. I guess I have a mind full of imagination, but my realistic thought actually prevents me from doing so. Basically I ended up not doing anything, or stop doing what I’m currently doing. 

At the end, I know that I just want to do something I love and passionate about. I need something that I can really hold on to.

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