Saturday, 30 January 2016

I'm Bad in Drawing


Assalamualaikum. I hope you guys enjoy your day today.

I’ve always been jealous at those who have magnificent skills in drawing. It’s a really beautiful talent for the chosen ones. I don’t have any skills in drawing or at least I think so. I know all of us bloggers are fully aware with the copyright things in this blogging world. If you want to copy someone else’s article or photographs you have to at least get permission from the owner first. 

Well, truth to be told, I shared images from Google most of the time without even getting permission from the owner. If I have a great talent in drawing, I will definitely try to draw by myself instead of posting Google images. Sadly I don’t.

Anyway, actually I wanted to try drawing cartoons but I don’t really know how to draw them using Photoshop or any other software. I only know some basic steps in Photoshop. Now let me share with you guys my trial in drawing. 

First of all, this is the original photo that I’m trying to draw.  

I don’t really know how to use any software in drawings, thus I ended up using the pencil to complete an image. So this is how my drawing looks like.

I know I messed up the eyes and literally messed up the whole figure. If I color the image using colour pencils, it would be even messier. Therefore, I decided to use Photoshop for the colouring. I only used the Brush tool for colouring.

First step, let's mess up his hair. He supposed to be blonde though. I'm not even sure if I picked the right colour.

 After that, move on to his adorable face.

Blue colour for the school uniform. I'm too lazy to draw his school badge. It will make things complicated for me.

 Almost finish. Pink colour for the bunny behind him.

And guys, I present you... my final touch! 

I know this is totally different from the original image but who cares? Life is our creation, right? Haha. Typical excuse. Thanks for spending your precious time looking at my efforts. Let me know what you think of it.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Funny Friday: Problems


Slowly Turning Into a Realistic


I have somehow basically ended my teen years. There were so many things I regret doing in the past. I’ve done so many silly and embarrassing things I don’t even want to remember it now. I made stupid decisions before. I made mistakes. But yeah can you tell me who doesn’t make mistakes?  

Nowadays I just started to think even deeper on everything. And it makes me even confuse now. I think I might slowly turn into a realistic person at some certain point. I take things based on logic and sense. Being a realistic is somehow great for the emotion, but somehow has its own disadvantages.

I need to make decisions for my degree options. What course should I take and some sort like that. For me, this is an important choice I need to decide to ensure my future career and life. I don’t want to make wrong choices in life but nobody can tell you whether the decision you make is right or wrong. Making decisions are tough. You need to think things thoroughly before stepping on the last stage.

I have so many ambitions ever since I was a child. Too many I can’t even list them here. I’m a person who likes to try things out but only in short terms education. I get bored with stuffs easily. And that makes everything difficult here. Well of course I never get bored when it comes to family and friends. I love them. It’s just different with what I love to do in life. There are so many things in this life I’ve always wanted to try. At certain point I’m also interested to do weird stuffs. I guess I have a mind full of imagination, but my realistic thought actually prevents me from doing so. Basically I ended up not doing anything, or stop doing what I’m currently doing. 

At the end, I know that I just want to do something I love and passionate about. I need something that I can really hold on to.

Monday, 18 January 2016

My Fake Enemies



How are you feeling today? I hope you’re having a great day!

I did not really write a lot these days. I really want to share everything with you, but some things are best to keep it for myself. That makes them special, you know. Sometimes the memories and moments that you have are best to treasure only by keeping them in your heart.

Life could be tough sometimes. There are times when you feel so motivated to do something and your heart beats aloud with excitement. There are also times when you feel depressed and emptiness just spread through your veins. You know, I’ve been unmotivated most of the time. Sometimes I have no motivation in studies. I have no motivation to work. I have no motivation to speak. And sometimes I even have no motivation to do anything in life. Maybe it’s just a natural feeling that flows as a challenge in life. Or maybe it’s just an excuse for me because I’m not ready to keep up with the challenge.

I normally feel unmotivated in studying. I remember I screwed up on my SPM because I always remind myself that I’m not an excellent student. I went to a high performance school or Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi (SBT) with all those brilliant people. In school, results are the most important thing. Nobody actually will look up to you if you did not score well in examination. Maybe I kind of exaggerating things here, but at least that was what I felt back then.  I am grateful though I could do well in the basic subjects but I totally messed up in science and additional mathematics.

I was really helpless at that time. I kept telling myself I could never keep up with rest of the students. I even told that to myself every day, without missing it once. I ended up not getting any As in additional mathematics and the science subjects. That explains how messed up I was in my high school years. And that was probably the biggest mistake I’ve ever done in my life. I lost my motivation, and I never even tried to get it back.

Thus I rejected my matriculation offer and tried to study art streams. I knew it would be a great challenge because I was in the science streams for five years. I told myself that I need to redeem my mistakes for losing all the motivation back then. The lessons were totally different. I used to study the science subjects in English. But my new subjects were in Malay. I mean it’s not that difficult, but reading a business book in Malay is kind of something new to me. And memorizing the facts was much tougher than memorizing the History. But I was the one who stood up for the challenge, right? I tried a shot and my first trial was actually not bad. Alhamdulillah. And I kept trying afterwards though I never really get any results that could satisfy my parents. Well at least I think my performance was better than the past.

The reason I’m posting this is because I want to share the secret of my motivations. The things that motivated me to do better in studying.  I created my fake enemies. Enemies? An enemy is something that harms something else. In other case, I looked up to certain people and tried to compete with their results. They’re my fake enemies with no such intention to harm me anyway. It’s one-sided challenge or one-sided love or anything you name it. It’s just one-sided. When you create your own competitor, you’ll have this burning desire to beat their marks. I’m telling you, this fake enemy technique really works.

There were so many brilliant students. Even there’s a lot in my class. I’m not going to lie. Even the class monitor and his assistant gave me the nerves. There were so many awesome students in the class. There’s this one girl who could draw very well. There’s a student who could memorize things in a blink of an eye. I even lost to her in a challenge with the teacher once. There’s a student who could performed well despite being sick. And there were a lot of competitors from the other classes too. I’m amazed with how many good students existed.

Therefore, I set up my clear targets and try to get my marks above them. You don’t know how a fake enemy or a competitor can be so useful in your life. A competitor is the one who keeps your motivation up. A competitor is the one who secretly telling you to keep alive without knowing himself. The reason why I keep struggling the whole time. It is not a sin to create a fake enemy. It is okay. It is normal. There’s nothing bad in it, unless you personally takes it in a wrong way. By creating my own fake enemy, I managed to at least ranked top three. I managed to beat my competitors. I managed to feel alive, and told myself I’m not really that bad in studies. Not feeling the emptiness at certain point of my life.

Thank you for those who secretly became my fake enemies. It was you who made me feel alive again.

But there’s this one competitor whom I never managed to overcome her achievements. She, who ranked the second in batch at that time. I never did overcome her. I really hope we’ll meet again. And by that time, I’ll definitely defeat you, my worthy fake enemy.