Thursday, 24 December 2015

5 Useful Travel Items


Assalamualaikum. Allahumma solli ala Muhammad.

It is holiday season. There are only few days to go before students need to start the school session. Trust me, I know what it feels like whenever you watch the calendar and you know all the fantasies are going to fade away. But yeah, let’s think of the bright side. You’ll get to meet your friends at school and share stories about things you do during the holidays. If you enroll into a new school next year, then you’ll meet a bunch of new friends. You get to learn new things, fighting with exams and do random stupid stuffs at school. Well, that’s life isn’t it? To just enjoy the fullest of it. You’ll be missing school as soon as you leave it.

Anyways, the school holiday isn’t over yet. Some of us also are having our break right now. Maybe semester break, Christmas break, I don’t know. I kind of wonder why Malaysia celebrates Christmas holiday even though this is an Islamic country. Well, maybe because this is a multiracial country or some sort like that. As a citizen, we should be happy to have so many holidays in Malaysia. Let’s just enjoy it, shall we? I bet lots of us are currently on their vacation or travelling from one spot to another.

You know, it is always very exciting when your parents or your friends tell you that you’re going on a trip. Sometimes people get over excited and start to pack their stuff instantly although the vacation is another few more weeks to go. I am the type who always procrastinate the packing activity although I’m very excited about the trip. Sometimes I also start to pack my things on the early morning of the trip.  Maybe that’s the reason why I normally left some stuffs behind. Despite that, there are few things that I would always make sure of to bring along with me. I know, different people carry different stuffs with them on a vacation. But here are some stuffs that I think we need to carry on along the journey, or at least for me.

1. Cash or Credit/Debit Cards

Of course, money is the most important factor to survive a trip. I don’t have any credit cards though but I’m sure it is easier for people or parents to actually carry on the cards with them. Unless you’re a backpacker, then money is completely necessary for everything. You need money for the car fuel, foods and accommodation. You obviously need money if you go to a place with lots of shopping malls. Trust me, I’ve been to Vietnam recently and you just can’t resist yourself from spending a lot of money there. If you’re going for a camp or sunny places such as the beach then you might probably get to reduce your expenses. I usually spend my money just to buy souvenirs for my friends. Whatever you use your cash for, make sure to use them wisely.

2. Cell phone

This might not necessarily be an important item for me on a trip, but it is very handful depends on the situation. For example, you’ll need it to call your parents or friends when you’ve been separated into different places. Normally this happens at the shopping mall. This gadget also helps you as an alarm clock in the morning. But as I said before, I don’t really need it because I can just wake up myself or my parents will definitely do the job themselves. I love taking photos and videos, thus I need to bring it as a backup if my camera battery died or the memory is full.

3. Digital Camera or DSLR

Personally, Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 is my choice. It’s a digital camera, but also applies with smart phone functions. I love it because it takes really good pictures and you can post the pictures instantly on Instagram. The results given by this camera is different from a normal smart phone because obviously it’s a camera. My friends often mistake it with smart phones. Some people do not prefer to bring any cameras with them. It’s up to you guys. If you really love taking pictures and videos you’ll definitely never leave your camera behind.

4. Chargers or Powerbank

Or in other cases, you’ll just bring both of them. If you’re travelling on a flight, you really need a powerbank because not every airplane provides USB function at the seats. Sometimes you’ll also get caught up in the situation whereas the plugs in the room are not functional anymore. Sometimes the room does not even provide extra plugs to charge your device. Normally this happens when you’re renting a cheap place. I mean hey, we don’t need to waste our money on a luxurious place the whole time. What’s important is the place is convenient for you and your family.

5. Sunglasses

I know maybe you’ll say this is not an important stuff at all. But you’ll definitely need it in certain circumstances. If you’re travelling for a long journey in the car, the sun sometimes might be hard for you. I experienced this most of the time. It’s like you’ve been waiting to be grilled in the car. Okay, maybe I kind of exaggerate things over here. You will actually need to wear sunglasses in sunny places such as the beach or the park. And it makes you look good in your pictures too.

There’s a lot more items that you need to bring along on your journey of course. But normally these are the only five items I’ll bring in my handbag every time I travel. Therefore, make sure you have everything you need before starting the trip. And never forget to enjoy your time with your loved ones.

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  1. semua ada. cash tu jee masalah utama. kuang kuang kuanggg. hahaha

  2. very useful tips for the newbie traveller like me. Thanks for sharing :)