Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Before We Get Too Comfortable

I keep posting my updates on WeChat. I don’t want to miss anything on Facebook groups and I can keep doing these things over and over again till I get bored. I love taking pictures using my Galaxy Camera and posted them on Instagram. I listen to Bee Gees most of the time. I sleep on my own bed every night. I live in a comfortable home, where I can get anything that I need, alhamdulillah. I find it fascinating that we have, here in Malaysia, beautiful days to be thankful. 

However, sometimes there’s a thought in my mind, about how these comfortable ways of living is killing me inside slowly. Most people nowadays can get whatever we need in a blink of an eye. Money is not really a big thing, you know. Teenagers, even children are using smart phones. That’s the best example of how the modern world is currently providing us with materialism. We should be thankful because we are chosen to live in this century whereas money is not a problem anymore.

Do you remember how things used to be when Rasulullah was alive? He’s a modest person, living in a modest house. When Rasulullah prayed in the house of Aishah it was simply a room, so when he prayed and made sujud, he had to touch Aishah so she would move and he could make sujud. That was how small their homes were. Eventhough Rasulullah was a great leader at that time, he preferred not to have a luxurious life such as the other leaders.

How about us? We have a lot of food in the refrigerator, but Rasulullah was willing to give the food he had to those in need. We have vehicles to travel to another place, but people on the past never get to know the existence of our vehicles. We can contact our friends from the internet, but they used pigeons to send messages.

You may assume that those with more material possessions have more to be grateful for. However, research suggests otherwise. These findings suggest that it’s not how much you have, but how you feel about what you have that makes the difference.

Modesty is the first step in a person’s journey as a servant to be closer to Allah. Therefore, we are still very far from creating love for Allah.

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