Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Ibrah From The Past - SPM Leavers

Have you ever wondered how’s your life going to be in another ten more years? Or you just do not even care to think about it? I always love reminding myself with this quote, “Life is like the ice-cream. Enjoy it before it melts.”

I am currently waiting for my SPM results next month. After leaving the school, everything just turned weird and totally different. I know some of you might feel the same way as me. We’re trying to adapt life without teachers, friends, homework and all the teen stuff. Some of us are very lucky to continue their studies in certain universities. The rest of us might be working, travelling or even just staying at home etc.

I am pretty sure that we all love to look at the past and think about our childhood or school memories. This is because we are new to this ‘no-school’ surroundings and all we need is just some time to move on. Maybe you will upload a lot of photos of you and your friends on the Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to remind yourself of how sweet your teenage life was before. You love to tweet about how much you miss the school and your best friends. You will try to set up a date with your besties. And you just cannot get rid of the funny memories you had with them. Every moment you spent thinking about your friends.

On the contrary, have you ever wondered how much your friends miss you? What are they doing right now? Maybe they are missing you. Or maybe they have already moved on with their lives to seek for a better future.  You see, there is no wrong in thinking about your school or the past. But you should know that we cannot live in the past. The time is running fast. Day by days, week by weeks, we are actually growing up. We’re eighteen now.

Aren’t we supposed to talk about more mature issues? We should be discussing about what we have done for the past eighteen years for our religion and the nation. We should be focusing on the present and the future. Ask yourself, what you have contributed to Islam and Malaysia all this while.

When Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh was nineteen, he ruled a kingdom. Maybe we can’t achieve such a superior achievement as his, but we should at least try to do something worthy. We are the country’s hope. We are meant to be leaders. But how is that supposed to be if we keep living in the past?

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Take ibrah from the past. Ibrah is the positive value that you have learned all this while. In school, there are lots ibrah that we can take. If we screwed up in school, then we need to fix what we have done before. If we were too busy studying and missed our prayers, this is the best time for us to take a step closer to Allah SWT. For those who just got your driving license, why don’t you drive around to any welfare house to help those in need? There is a lot of ways to help the ummah. Everything lies in our hands. We need to determine what’s best for us, not the past.

Instead of discussing about gossips, games, movies, we should try to do some research on what’s really happening to Islam around the world. Religion is our faith. Without faith, we’re doomed. Lots of people around the world are trying to destroy this faith that we have. Take a look at Palestine for example. Muslims are controlled. Our brothers and sisters live in fear every day. Alhamdulillah,we live in a peaceful country Malaysia. But how about them? What is really happening to them? How much do they suffer? When those people will stop torturing them? Masha Allah. We need to know a lot more about the world.

Wait, stop. What about Malaysia itself? I mean what about Muslims in Malaysia? This faith that we have, is getting disappeared slowly. Women are not wearing their hijab. Men are not going to the mosque even when it’s Friday. Teenagers spend their days at the shopping malls. Everything is going so wrong.

My point is, we should try to open wide our eyes to look at what’s really happening around us and what we can contribute for a better future. We’re eighteen, and we should be more mature. School life was totally awesome and we learned a lot. What we can do and what we cannot. Teachers taught us not only class lessons but also life lessons. They shared their experiences until they become who they are today. Friends have shared a lot with us. We learned how to solve problems and we learned about trust.

There’s so much ibrah that you can take. There’s so much things that you can do now. The past is just something to teach you about ibrah. When you get your lesson, live your life preciously. Let me give you a quote from Sai Baba, "What matters is to live in the present, live now, for every moment is now. It is your thoughts and acts of the moment that create your future. The outline of your future path already exists, for you created its pattern by your past."

Just a short message for today. And enjoy this video. ^^


  1. Man jadda wa jadda , man zaro'a hasoda . InsyaAllah, saya reda. =)

  2. true much nurina (:
    kita tak boleh guna alasan 'remaja' utk rasa tak cukup umur lg utk fikir apa yg nk bantu ummah.
    instead, remaja lah kena banyak fikir dan bergerak ... rightio (:

    1. dan kita tak akan selama-lamanya hidup dalam alam remaja ^^