Friday, 13 December 2013

After SPM: Vacations and Garage Sale

People kept asking me about how's my life after SPM and what am I doing to spend these cherish days not being a school student anymore. Well, definitely, it is kind of bored. Less friends, less talk and less activation of the brain.

Not being a school student is horrible. You can't hear the school bell rings, no more sleeping in classes, no punishments for not completing your homework and no more white uniforms. SPM was just like a dream that vanished in a blink of an eye. 

While waiting for my results I finally get to spend my days in Kulim. Yeay. Driving license? Nope. Not in the mood for driving round the town. My grandma, Wan asked me to get my license because she wants me to drive her around Kulim and I told her that I'll take her for a ride with my bicycle. Kind of cool, huh?

Work? Yup, I am currently working with my mom at her saloon for muslimah, of course. We provide a lot of services such as facial treatment, hair cut, spa, body massage and whatever treatment you name it. I just learned how to wash hair. Well, that's for the first step. It is true I'm not very good in this job but I'm just trying to do something with my life rather than staying at home everyday. 

I'm also trying to write new stories. Surely, I have a lot of ideas right now after two years I spent in boarding school far away from Kedah. Just finding the right stories to write. I'm also helping my mom to design some banners for her work. And of course, I am just a beginner in designing. This is one of my design last week. 

Just a simple design of course. Try and look at the banner. We are actually having a garage sale. So, I had to get rid of my unused clothes, bags and books. We'll sell them at lower prices. And alhamdulillah many people sent their belongings to our house for the jumble sale. We sell them for charity, to help those in needs. Everyone is invited to come to my house on this 17th of December for clearance!

Next, speaking of vacations. We have some plans for the trips in this month. And currently I am spending my cold days in a hotel and the cold is killing me. But the hotel is quite comfortable. And you know, there is a swimming pool for women only. How great is that! This place is a peaceful place. I forgot to mention the name. Tabung Haji Hotel in Alor Setar. For those who are seeking for peace and relaxing holidays, how about a shot here? 

In front of TH Hotel

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