Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Do Not Underestimate

It was Thursday morning in Legoland. We were excited to experience the journey on the rides in that theme park. There were so many rides and I can’t even remember how much roller coasters were there. I took almost all the rides and plays, except for the kids’ rides. Mom rented a wheel chair for dad as he always gets tired fast. His condition is not well enough.  For me, the roller coaster ride was not really extreme. Truth. The challenging moment was to fall from a very high position, but that was it. In a blink of an eye, you’ll finally arrive at your starting point. Legoland should have provide more extreme plays for me.

At one of our stops, my sister and I decided to take quite a challenging game. It sounds simple, but needs a lot of my girl energy in the game. First, we need to move the fire truck until we reach a given point. Then, we need to get out from the truck and splash out water from a hose until the pictures on the wall shows the fire is finally extinguished. There were only the two of us, but I still insist to play the game.

Then a guy in yellow shirt asked how many of us and his face changed strangely when I answered him. “The two of you? Can you make it?” he smiled. I was not sure whether he was worried for us or maybe teasing us. My sister and I quickly rode on a white truck and I told her that we must win the game. My uncle and cousin were in the right truck. There were also some other challengers in the other trucks. 

As soon as the game started, we put a lot of effort to move the truck. Alhamdulillah we managed to arrive earlier than the rest. But the game was not over yet. We need to put out the fire. The situation became terrifying when the others also arrived. After finishing our job, I entered the truck and we moved to the starting point back.

I was glad as we were the first to arrive. When walking out of the game zone, I met with the guy again. I smiled and told him that we won the game. He just smiled and did not say anything. I walked out of the zone with a very satisfying feeling.

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