Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Diari#44: Sweet Seventeen

Finally, it's 24th of April. And I'm finally turning into seventeen. Alhamdulillah, a lot of praises to Allah for rewarding me such a wonderful life and I'm grateful for the air that I breathe all this while. I'm oficially seventeen. I can't believe it. It has been seventeen years since I was born. I was lucky to have such awesome parents. Wonder what happened today? Well, let's check it out.

It was twelve midnight and I was completing my Mathematics module in front of the door. Suddenly a friend came and told me I was assigned to complete a BADAR (Badan Dakwah dan Kerohanian) file. Well, actually I knew it was a prank. Suddenly, my 4 Zamrud '12 friends came and they sang the Birthday song while everyone was sleeping. I was very excited and glad of course to see them. Later, they forced me to finish their Chemistry module. As I opened the book, I found a plague written 'Happy Birthday Rina Cool'. Rina Cool is my nickname. :P Later, my juniors started wishing me.

This morning, I went to my class as usual and I was surprised to find a very cute handmade card by a friend. It was very cute. Like seriously. He sketched the cartoons by himself.

After the assembly, my classmates started wishing me. I appreciate all the efforts very much. Mizan wrote "Happy Birthday Nurina" on the whiteboard. The most meaningful moment is when my classmates gave me a card signed by each one of them. It is actually a hari raya card. But that's not important. I'm touched. Thank you guys, I really, really appreciate that.

And one more thing, I got a carton of HL milk! It is my favourite since I first drank it two days ago. Delicious. Thank you Elisa. 

Just now, I met Cikgu Hasnah to discuss about the theatre. I was actually hoping that she would wish me. At first, nothing happened. As I was almost leaving, suddenly she called my name and I was excited. She actually reminded me to discuss the theatre with my friends. The second time I meant to leave, she called my name again. And this time, she wished me a happy birthday. Thank you cikgu. You really made my day. Thank you my friends especially 4 Zamrudians. You guys are actually the reason that I smile. 
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