Friday, 29 March 2013

SPM '12 Result

Is it too late for me to post about SPM? I was there, at Dewan Prima KUSESS on the day when they announced the result. We were helping Miss Shy in distributing the Paradigma magazines for the ex-students. Sarah was helping Miss Shy handling the 5 Delima if I'm not mistaken. And I asked her, "What can I help?" Sarah told me to find other teachers and ask them if they need a hand.

I thought for a while. I am not close to any of last year form five's mentors. So I stood there, and slowly moved to the Paradigma room. The guys were busy searching for some name list. I tried to help, and suddenly Diana found the list which was compiled with the recycled papers. And soon, everyone was like running to the hall, leaving the room. I stood for a while and decided to look after the room. I've been waiting for half an hour but there was still no sign of them. I looked out of the door and suddenly saw Kak Anum with one of her friends. I opened the door and called her name.

Kak Anum was surprised to see me. She was my ex-dorm mate and a very understanding person. We talked a lot. Well, actually she was the one who talked a lot. And everytime she told me her stories about her life, I would just kept quiet and listen. We were close. She asked me what I was doing there and who was inside the room with me.

I smiled and said, "Nothing and nobody. But that doesn't matter. I miss you." We hugged and she promised she would come back to see me in that room after taking her result. In order to see her again, I waited and waited. But a few hours past and it was time for my Chemistry class. So I went up to class but unfortunately Miss Eley was not in. She met with Aidil Kashry, the super genius guy in that school. Well, used to be. He was no longer a student in my school. He got straight A+ for SPM '12 and was a big inspiration for the school. I think the teachers respect him as well. 

I logged in my Facebook account recently and saw this status. I was like totally impressed because Aidil Kashry was ranked as the top 50 for international. This guy, one day, will be someone success, have a lot of money and travels around the world. Who knows? He may be somebody famous. Congratulations senior. Same goes for Kak Sarah and Izzat.

I did not remember the time but suddenly Elisa, Fireen, Anis and Izyan came and they were like scolding me while showing Aidil Kashry's signature for me. I could not go against them so I just smiled. I knew they were just joking. Or might took it seriously? Well, I don't think I have to explain where I got the signature and what happens next.


Back to the story, because I was not in the Paradigma room, I did not get the chance to meet Kak Anum. And the rest of the seniors. But it was okay for me. Who am I to meet those people? School was finally over and I walked to asrama alone after all of my friends were gone. Yeah, maybe they were busy talking about SPM and forgot about me. Haha. That afternoon, I didn't took my lunch. I went straight to my dorm and finally I saw Kak Anum. We chit-chatted about her ambition and my future. She told me not to be lazy in studying. She learned from her experience. She asked me to take a good care of the dorm. We took some photographs together and she left me with a note.

Dear Nurina Izzati,
Blajar lek lok,
Taon ni SPM,
Make sure result straight As,
Jangan malas-malas,
Jaga dorm lek lok,
Jadi kakak yang baik,
Orang keliling kite memainkan peranan untuk kite taw,
Hati semua org kte kne jge,
Ingat ye,
Akak sayang Nurina,
Sampai bebila x kan pernah lupe,
Banyak kenangan dekat sini dengan semua,
Nice girl and good muslimah,
Bye, take care,
Love you,

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  1. semoga berjaya dik Nurina... :-)
    belaja leklok ya...

  2. adik mesti boleh punya la..inshaaAllah.. :)