Sunday, 30 December 2012

Passion and Enthusiasm

Hey guys. The school days are just around the corner and the holidays will be leaving us away. Say goodbye  to 2012 and let's welcome 2013! Yeah. A new fresh start and a new fresh year. Let's do amazing and cool stuffs around 2013.

Talking about my holidays, I hope I did spend them wisely. Well, sort of. Online, reading books and magazines, tuition classes, vacations, watching the big box and some other random stuffs. I did wish that I could have a trip to Sabah this year but I think I'll just have to keep that wish till the next few years. 

I love wandering inside my house. Seriously. And every steps I took, I'll be thinking of something. My past, my present and I will be wondering about my future ahead. Yesterday as I was performing my routine, suddenly I remembered a word that I used to hear before. 'Semangat' in malay or passion. I was one of the members for the malay debate team before but for sure I never entered any of those competitions. You know, I'm kind of a shy person and sometimes I love to call myself as the sheepish one. 

I followed the debate team around and every time they're going to compete, they would ask each other to be passion in what they're doing. Since then, I love the word passion. I want to adapt this words, passion and enthusiasm in my life. Everytime the lazy part of me comes, I'll try my best to fight against it. Sometimes I win and vice versa. But next year is a very scary year for me and the rest form five students. We're going to take the SPM! So I must double my efforts and push it quite hard.

This evening when I was studying in my mom's saloon, I overheard my mom's conversation with her customers. They were talking about me. Yeah I know it's not a proper thing to hear some adults conversations but when  it involves me, how can I ignore it right? My mom told her I love writing and as usual, she promoted my novels. So the customer's daughter asked my signature and came to meet me. She took my right hand and kissed it (salam tangan).

We had a good conversation at the first but she challenged my mind without her notice when she asked me this question. "Until when you'll keep on writing?" I kept quiet for a while and trying to figure out the best answer to reply her question. And I kept thinking by myself, when? Even I could not answer just a simple question like that. Staring at me for some moments, she finally decided to ask my permission to leave. I nodded and acting as if I wanted to continue my work.

For the fact, I actually stunted by a question. Maybe I'll write until tomorrow, and stop. Maybe I'll write for the next twenty years and stop. I don't know! If I don't have the enthusiasm in me, I'll definitely quit. This is when I truly realized the importance of having a passion in yourself.

There was once when I almost lost hope in my friendship. I was in a situation which I felt like a kick in the teeth. But at the other side, there were my friends standing and cheered me up. I learned that this 'passion' thing comes and goes, but it will surely come  if you have some shoulders to lean on. Just do not give up in any situations and we just have to handle it bravely. And one more thing, there's no need to be hurry in learning something meaningful in life. The learning in life lessons comes and goes, same as passion. Don't get discouraged when life becomes a bit difficult. We can do it. Let's make a change that worth it. 


  1. Goodbye 2012, hello 2013..year of the snake. Remember: snake bites can be deadly if not treated quickly!!!

    Whatever..thank you for visiting my blog...

  2. salam kenal..kita berbalas follow, boleh tak...)