Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Puisi: A Quest of Life

Life is just like a novel
I am the subject of it
Keep playing all the roles
Decide what will happen to me

Life is full of riddles
I have to find the way to solve them
Search the answers through the days and night
Beyond the limits of my expectations
And there I will
Keep on trying

No fear or doubt
Just follow my heart
Lead the way to the quest
And I’ll arrive at the chest

Life is a play
Where I’ll be the hero of the day
chasing the bad person away
waiting for what they’ll have to say

Life is a journey
A road to the mystery
Full of anxiety
Just ignore the obstacles
And lead your own life

5.05 am

This poem is based on my experience that I’ve been through along this year with my new classmates. 

I want a moment when I’m old one day, looking back at the 4 Zamrud photo and say, “Hey, this is my class, where everyone is new, coming from different part of the country, united in one class. Everyone has their own character, but we stand and care for each other.” 

But the moment when I’m old looking back at my form five photo I’ll say, “There is nothing that can challenge my sixteen old memories.”

If I can keep holding on to sixteen, believe me, I will. 

p/s: Alhamdulillah, just arrived my home in Kulim. Miss Kulim so much.

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