Saturday, 10 November 2012

Diari#37: Last Day

Today is the last day for me being a form four student at Kusess. Well, it didn't turn out as I expected to be. Lately, we're kind of busy finishing our job for the school magazine. I admit, this is our fault for starting the work a bit late and for the result, it turned out to be something crap. 

I have always wanted to experience a great last day at school. Every year, my last day would be a total disaster day. And same it was for this year. No one and nothing to be blamed. I believed in destiny. Yeah, a bit sad because I could not spend my last few moments with my 4 Zamrud classmates. Next year, we're not going to be in the same class anymore.

Staying in 4 Zamrud for about nine months taught me a lot of valuable lessons. We have a great and bad memories as new students there. But somehow, I could feel the union there. We're all from the outside world, a totally free world and suddenly we were transferred to a hostel. We came for the same reason. To gain a new experience in the hostel life. We've been through everything together. We'll try to cheer up one another. And for the most of the time, we depend on one another. Thank you guys for being such awesome friends.

Starting with the class monitor, maybe I cannot find any other class monitor like him. He cannot smile in a formal photograph and hate seeing himself in a mirror. Despite that, he's a really understanding person and able to motivate other people well. He's loyal in friendship, that's for sure. For the assistant class monitor, she's a soft-hearted person and it is hard to see her being pissed at someone. But congratulations for both of you, for leading my class and you guys have bright future at Kusess, there's no doubt about that.

Another MPPs, Farhah and Ilman, I hope you guys will rule the school wisely next year. From great leadership comes great responsibilities. Aha, almost forgot about Farhan. Congrats for being the JPM. Prepare with your green uniform. And thanks for the sketch. It is cute. Love it. For the Badarians, Hanum, Syu and Hassan, congrats also, be a great Badar next year. Let's try our best in carrying our responsibility towards Allah the Almighty. Lead them to the truth. For the PRSs, Mimi, Haziq and Fakhrul(I guess so), continue the job to guide the students. Eventhough I'm not sure whether Haziq can 'bimbing' others or not. Alright, it's a joke. Oh yeah, Hafizi, thanks for being a good assistant (teater) and a co-worker (paradigma). Consider the troll drawing as a gift for you. Okay, another joke. And maybe for those who'll be the captain, ketua rumah, PKD or anything, wish you guys a great senior year.

My lovely 4 Zamrud girls, I love you all. Thanks for supporting me and being my friends all this while. Thanks for taking care of me when I'm sick and force me to take the medicine, although you girls knew I hate medicine. Thanks for cheering me up when I was in a bad situation. Thanks for hearing all my craps. Thanks for accepting me for who I am, not for who you want me to be. Yeah, although we'll meet again next year, insyaAllah, it will still not be the same as this year. We'll be busy searching new friends and adapt in new classes, with new teachers.

We cannot sit in the study room or musolla together, have chit-chat, studying together, playing, and everything. Next year will be a great difference. And it will be a total difference without you guys. I am sorry for everything, for what I have done. This morning was the last morning we're together as classmates. But I screwed everything. I was not there with you guys. Sorry. 

Eventhough I did not talk much in the class, but I miss every one of 4 Zamrud. Was hoping to take our last photographs together that night with Puan Faridah, but Mustain, Farhah and Ilman was not there. The photograph will be useless without them. Although some of us will be in the Berlian and other classes, hope you will not forget me eventhough that is impossible.

Oh yeah, talking about the main subject actually, I feel very bad for Miss Shy for not doing our work properly. We are very very very sorry. I just want you to know, I feel very honoured when you picked me as the sub-editor of the school magazine. Being a Paradigma member also taught me a lot of things. I love the moments doing work in that small room. Next year, I would not be able to be an editor anymore. Yeah, time flies. Everyone knows that. But the best thing for today, I got photographs with Kak Iman and Kak Izyani. I got wishes from Kak Anum and Kak Wan. Dear seniors, I'll try my best for next year, insyaAllah. Hope we'll meet again.

Last day as a form four student. Sigh. I hate last days.

"We love 4 Zamrud. Good luck everyone!"

Hafizi's writing which I found in the Paradigma room.

Farhan's sketch. Adorable.
With Kak Iman and Kak Izyani.


  1. Thank you being dropped your words towards auntie's N3. School holiday is a chance for you to enjoy before 2nd Jan 2013 start to struggle your SPM exam.

    1. Yes, of course. I'll surely try my best struggling for that. InsyaAllah. Thanks auntie. ^^