Sunday, 18 November 2012

Another random poem

These are the days of torture
the past is being repeated
these games are killing me inside
and keep messing up my heart

Sorry for not being perfect
I have no desire to hurt your feelings
please tell me my mistakes
so that I can fix everything back

Where are our meaningful moments together?
A line has come across us
you smiled over there
and I cried over here
watching you from my sorrow

I did not expect something to be like this
we grew up together
but why we can’t be together
this is just a heart that I cannot deny

I’m sitting in this empty room
turning all the thoughts towards you
trying to scream with all my sadness
but you walked through me
and just leave me alone here

Please grab my hands
chase my sorrow away
where are the smiles that you used to give me before?

I want to better
but give me a chance for that
I’ll always be there for you
so don’t just keep it alone

Let the thunder shouts
let the sky fall
but don’t let us be apart
because you are a subject of my heart

Sorry for not being perfect
give me the opportunity
to save a day
with you

Heart note: Please, I'm crying here.

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