Friday, 25 November 2011

Unexpected Life

“You’re nothing but a loser!” Asri shouted. He kept blaming Saufi for everything happened. He never gave any chance for Saufi to explain anything. Not a single line.

“Asri, please, you can’t totally blame me for this..” Saufi paused his words. Asri left the room as usual. They both used to be best brothers, good friends. But since dad passed away, Asri kept blaming Saufi for their father’s death. Dad pushed Saufi aside from the road and he ended up replacing Saufi’s position. Saufi reached his diary and sat on his bed. He reached his favourite purple pen and start writing something.

Not everything in our lives will be working well. If dad didn’t push me aside, I was the one who would be the car’s victim. And know, my little brother seems to hate me. Everything about me. Why Allah treats me like this? Why dad? 

Two years ago, we all used to live as a happy family. Dad, mom, Asri and I. I remember when dad promised to place me in a boarding school. It was my dream to stay in a place called International Kulim High School. It is a boarding school for the boys. But now, I have to go to a kampung school. And everybody there did not really accept me just because I could not do a lot of kampung staff. I wish dad was here. He always stood beside me in every situations. He would wipe my tears away. And if he was here, he would say that he loves me. I just need someone to rely on.

In a sudden, Saufi heard a knocking sound at the door. He quickly closed his diary and opened the door. His mom stared at him with an anxious look. 

“What have you done to your brother? I warned you not to pick a fight with him.”

“Mom, I was not the one who lost his bike. It was stolen when I went into the grocery shop. I don’t know who took it, but I’m very sure I didn’t misplace it. Mom, I’m begging you. Please trust me,” his tears rolled down his cheeks. He stared his mom.

“I’m sorry Saufi, I can’t put my trust on you,” and she also followed Asri’s action by leaving the room. A room filled with tears and sadness. Even his own mom would not trust him. Saufi was really clueless. He felt as if everyone in this world are going against him. So he decided to take a walk outside. Well, maybe it can help to make him feel better.

Saufi went to the field at the kampung area. They moved here since dad passed away. Dad spent his childhood years here. But that evening, there was nobody. No children, no voices, no happiness. The Sun shone brightly that day, so the poor boy decided to rest under a shady tree. The breezes seemed as if they wanted to whisper something to him. The birds sang sweetly, but not good enough to distract Saufi.

Slowly, he felt a hand touching his shoulder. He was very shocked. As he looked behind, he saw a handsome man standing and staring at him. The man was smiling from ear to ear. His other hand was holding a sketchbook and some brushes. He did not look like the rest of the villagers here. 

“May I have a seat?” he asked politely, touching Saufi’s heart. No one had ever been such as gentle as this to him before. Saufi nodded. The man sat beside Saufi and started to paint something on the sketchbook. “So, what’s on your mind, young boy?”

Saufi did not know whether he must answer that question or not. He did not even know the person that was sitting beside him. But then, the man said, “You might not trust me, but you can trust my words. I’ve been there before.”

“Where?” the boy was still puzzled.

“In your position. Sadness.” That sentence knocked Saufi’s mind. Maybe this guy had a lot of common.

“My dad died in a road accident. I was the one who crossed the road, but he gave his life for me. Since then, I have some family and friends issues. I feel like I am alone in this world, nobody seems to care about me,” Saufi sighed. He took a deep breath and let it go.

“Well boy, we sure have a common. My son also died, but not in an accident. He suffered from brain tumor.” 

Saufi was shocked. The man continued his story, “My wife and I was in the hospital that time. We already knew about our son. A few months before that, the doctor said that he only had not much time left. On that day, my son was suffering a great pain. The doctors were trying their best to save him. I saw my son’s tears. He kept calling my name. And I can’t do anything but cried. The last words he said, ‘Take care of mom’. I asked him not to close his eyes, but he did. My wife fainted. A few months later, she died because of the great stress she had. She really loved our son.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that,” Saufi felt symphatized with him. 

“Don’t be. After the loss of my son and my wife, I lost my directions. I did not know what to do. My boss fired me because I always came late to the office.”

“What is your occupation?”

“I used to be an architect. I love drawings, paintings… but I lost my career. I thought that was the end of my life. I lost my faith to God. But a few weeks after that someone called me. They offered to buy my paintings. I was over excited. I couldn’t believe, Allah took away my family, my job, but he then gave me some happiness. I realized that I really love paintings, so I paint. Just do not let anything overcome your happiness. If Allah tests you, that is because He wants you to become a better person. You just have to find your own way to settle your problems, or fate will settle it for you,” the man kept smiling. 

What the man said just now had give Saufi a lot of thinking. He always heard the sentence ‘Every problem has a solution’. He just need to come out for the solutions by himself. But how? His friends hate him because he could not play the congkak, batu seremban or wear his own kain pelekat. His brother did not want to listen to him. His mom always scold him for everything, sometimes even grounded him. Yes, Saufi. You have to quit crying and start acting! “I have to think positive in every situations!”

“Are you sure?” the man asked. “Do not ever change your mind when something happened to you or your family. Your faith to God will always be tested. It was a sign of life, young boy.”

Life. It always has its own upside and down. Sometimes we live in happiness, but sometimes we live in agony. Dear Allah, give me some strength.

“Thank you very much…” he wanted to thank the man but he was not there. Saufi tried to search everywhere but the man was already gone. ‘Ah, maybe he just bored sitting here,’ he thought, then quickly arranged his steps back home. He wanted to say sorry for not taking a good care of Asri’s bicycle. He just wants to hug him and tell how much he loves him. He wants to explain about their father’s death and says that it was Allah’s fate. 

He felt weird when a lot of people came to his house. Mom never told him that she wanted to invite some guests today. He kept searching for his mom or Asri. 

“Asri? Mom?” Then his mom appeared with a sad face.

“Mom, I’m so sorry if I made a lot of mistakes before. I hope Asri will forgive me, eventhough it was not my fault. But still, sometimes we have to sacrifice something for others’ happiness, right?” His mom still kept quiet.


“Son, I’m glad for every of your sacrification. But dear, your brother just passed away. He fell and drowned in the river,” tears kept rolling down from mom’s beautiful eyes.

Saufi was speechless. 

Dear Allah, is this one of Your tests?


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