Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Puisi: A Mirror

Stop! Saya tahu saya tidak pintar berbahas inggeris berbanding anda, tetapi saya cuba. Tolong jangan anggap saya perosak bahasa inggeris, ya? Haha.

I still remember living in a
world full of joy and happiness
with lot of friends around
i kept looking in the mirror
and i saw myself
i'm smiling, smiling in pain.

I was so blind that it hurts like a knife
i keep searching for true friends
and finally i got nothing
he'd left me alone
dark in sorrow
all alone

Finally, i found you
you will always be aside
you wipe my tears
you lend me your shoulder
a place for me to cry
and then i finally realized
the meaning of true friendship

A friend is like a mirror
when you look inside him
you will saw yourself
full of tears and joy

Please don't leave me alone. I love you, really. Really. This poem is dedicated to a person. Someone. Very special. She taught me a lot. Uhibbuki fillah.


  1. best apa sajak.

    teruskan, gambatte!

    teman memang penting (haha,ni kena pesan pada diri}

  2. @Aku-Bukan
    ukhti, terima kasih sebab sudi jadi kawan ana.
    ana hargai.

  3. sedap... bukan perosak bhasa. sweet lagi...

    ~Yeah, friends is forever important~

    p/s:lepas ni, tulis bhasa Arab pulak!

  4. @Norsyahirah Shahrir
    ouh. alhamdulillah. =D
    insyaAllah, tapi kena mahirkan arab dulu. hehe.