Sunday, 20 June 2010

Contest: One Day I Will Rock The World!

Why? Don't believe the statement. Believe it or not. Well actually it is just a contest from those pretty girls at One Day at A Time. Click the link for more information. The closing date of this fantastic contest is at 30th of June. Hurry! I'm asking you to participate it! Really! This is your chance to share your spectacular dreams with everyone! Well actually only the people who read your blog. But never mine. Try your best my fellow friends. I hope I already fulfill the terms and conditions. Hehehe. Guys, try to look at this adorable boy. Imagine he will grow up into a handsome doctor or engineer. Hehehe~

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Okay, why I said I will rock the world? Well surely cause I will be famous one day. (Only one day..) Just joking. My vision is to be a famous and kaboom writer such as Datuk A. Samad Said. I really..really admire him. I mean his books. Everything is written by his pure heart and hands. Until now, I'm still wondering how he eats. Okay, everybody has really high dreams and I am one of you. I want to be famous because I want my lovely mom to see me in camera and I can finally say "Hi Mom! I'm in TV!". Haha! I just want her to be proud of her daughter. And I want everybody who knows me really amazed by my future books that will be published soon. Haha! Daydreaming.. Also I intend to be a millionaire. Wow.. Is it for real? Well of course everyone. I want to be like Bill Gates. Although he is the second in rank now, why should I give up?
Imagine me in that pose. Okay, this man totally rocks the world. Who doesn't know him? I bet you are living in a cave with the Flintstone. No offense. How I'm going to be a millionaire to rock the world? I'm dreaming that I will not use any of my incoming money and just save in my account. Is it enough? Well, I'll try.

Another mission to rock the world. By adventure. If I'm lucky, I will found an island which nobody ever know bout it. I will surely conquer the island! Hahaha! So greedy me. The reporters will surely snap my pictures and if I'm lucky, I will grab the news front headline. "An extraordinary person who first found a haunted island" Erm.. Never mine. I'll continue with my other ways to become famous.

Hrm..quite difficult to become famous. What if I buy a private helicopter. I mean the most expensive one. Why helicopter? Cause I'm in love with it. Just imagine going on the air with many fans following from behind. Err...Well please get rid of the man in the figure. Imagine me there. Haha! Please don't laugh at me.
What if I be a politician. Nooo... Married to Sultan? Never... Thinking.. Conquer Malaysia? Hrm.. Conquer Scotland, my birth place? Wait a minute, if I conquer scotland, I'll bring my mom and dad there to be the next queen and king. Okay, bad idea.. Or maybe I just be myself. Who knows I'll be popular cause who I am?

After tired squeezing my brain for those cute judges, I think I'll stop here. But my mission to rock the world will never ends. Well you can take my signature early if you want to. Haha! Maybe one day I will rock the world with the title Miss Daydreaming. Haha!


  1. hehe.. I hope you do manage to rock the world one day (hopefully a long beard is not compulsory)

    Thanks for entering the contest :) Good luck!

  2. hi. Nice one. Congrats for winning the entry. :-)